Thursday, January 23, 2014

Man Church

The first sentence of this article from the Detroit Free Press give the punchline:
A church in Canton is starting a new program called Man Church aimed at encouraging men to get involved in their congregations and in society.
The church is the Connection Church, a Pentecostal congregation with about 1500 weekly attendees.  While the program is meant to help solve social ills, it is also meant to reach out and pull more men into church.  During their meeting on January 18 (the date the article was first published), the group discussed a book titled "Why Men Hate Going to Church."

Reaching out to under-churched populations is a common thing in churches.  Many church leaders try various--sometimes extremely creative--ideas in expanding the membership and influence of their churches.  In this case, the program is meant to appeal to under-churched men, and the very name "Man Church" may give a hint at the kind of man they are looking for.

This reminds me of prior creative endeavors by religious leaders that have made it to this blog in earlier posts:  Drive-in Church and Pet Church.  Religious leaders frequently innovate in their attempt to reach and influence a broader set of people.

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