Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Decline in Episcopal Church Membership

Here's the news story mentioned in class today about the decline in membership in the Episcopal Church. As you read this story, look for clues about how the level of strictness (or lack thereof) of the Episcopal Church may be related to the decrease in membership.

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  1. Having worked for the episcopal church for several years I can tell you without hesitation that the episcopal church is in decline because it has abandoned it's original mission and traded it's moral foundation (scripture) for "social justice" (politics). Those of us who have left can get politics preached to us anywhere...school, work, tv, radio, newspaper. But we depended on the church to preach spiritual salvation and they stopped providing that. Why spend our time and donate our money to get something we're getting everywhere else for free, especially when it's something we don't want? It's that simple.


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