Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Religion Apps from Lecture

In case you wanted to learn more about the apps we discussed in class:


  1. -Gabriele Szeibert, Econ 17March 13, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    This exercise really showed how convenient religion can be through the use of technology. Not only does it make certain elements of one's faith easily accesible on the go or at one's whim, but it also increases one's religious capital by adding to one's daily religious investment outside of the faith community and apart from any church service.

  2. I agree that these apps can make religion convenient, but there has to be a line between what is appropriate and inappropriate and I think some of these are on the borderline. Looking at these apps, I can't help but feel like they are taking advantage of consumers by making it seem like this is some kind of substitute for actually participating in a religious group's congregation. I think the most appropriate app on this list is the one where you can look up Mass times and church websites to find information on each church. This doesn't provide a false substitute for worship whereas the app for confession makes me question why someone would use this app instead of making the effort to participate actively in the rites of their religion. There is no substitute for being an active member of their religious group and in order to be an active member one should be able to sacrifice their time to interact with their fellow members face to face.

    Rochelle Ballecer

  3. Michael Hirschberg, Econ 17March 13, 2011 at 10:57 PM

    These apps are an addition as to why certain religions continue on and others die off. These apps show that religion is evolving and adapting to modernity and technology. The younger generation have short attention spans and are constantly on the go. These apps can increase participation, or at least bring forward information about religion than may lead to attendance in church. Similar as to how the God is Back book explains: "America has succeeded in putting God back into modernity partly because it put modernity,
    or at least choice and competition, back into God." These apps bring forth choice, competition, and knowledge to another level. The apps only help religion.

  4. Jiyoung Baek 51465092March 14, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    Church advocates advocate religious capital by extending their reach to current believers, and those who have little to no other outlets to religious influence. In today's age, church goers appealing to convenience and isolation have technology to fit their needs. Phone apps do have positive effects by increasing religious capitals such as religious knowledge, skills, and social ties but there can be more negative consequences. I see this with many of my peers who would prefer to skip church activities like sermons and confessions and catch up with the experience through online sermons. Phone apps even become a greater worry since current church goers nowadays all possess smart phones and such that allow a person to nurture their spiritual needs practically anywhere. Consequently, many church goers diminish or lose altogether important social ties that are pertinent to the spiritual bond of the church members. Rather, religious followers should encourage sacrifice of convenience to profess their real faith within the church. Attending church provides real social ties that phone and internet apps cannot. By forming authentic relationships in church, the church is in greater capacity to build upon itself as a social structure and prioritize certain traditional doctrines of fellowship. Instead, church attendees should continue to respect spirituality through communion with others, in person. Attending church and being active in and around church can reveal true faith and emotion, such as guilt and sacrifice. These social ties cannot be replicated through the internet and phone apps.

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