Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We've Made it to Twitter!

The first Twitter reference to our class is here! Many more to come, right? (Just don't tweet them in class.)

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  1. Joshua Tang 79925220March 10, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    This is just a thought but…
    Modernization is taking over the world by storm! Survival of the fittest, simple human behavior. Just like how you taught us, religions did not die out because the world changed in the past 300 years. Religion can adapt just as well as humans because, one aspect that the philosophers of the past forgot about was that humans are the ones that are in charge of religion. Religion is based on a set of ideas, a “product” in the economic sense. But the organization, the members, the “entrepreneurs” are the ones that create and sustain life in religion.
    Similarly to this post, Twitter was incorporated to this class because you asked us to. If you did not ask us to, eventually the students will find some use of Twitter to talk about your class, or classes in general. This class can modernize as much as it wants, as you, the professor, would like it to. If you wanted to, you are able to teach us with no technology, you can take us to Aldrege Park and teach us and have us only take notes with a pencil and paper. But how effective (maybe boring?), but initially refreshing, would that be?
    If Religion wants to continue to grow, it will need to adapt to the world and it’s changes.
    Religion should continue to live on even as the world changes. Religion can adapt and modernize just as well as the leader of the organization can, or the individuals can of the group.


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