Tuesday, December 8, 2009

End-of-quarter Thoughts on the Blog

I welcome your feedback on the value of the blog. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.
  1. Which one or two blog posts did you like the most?
  2. What did you like about the blog? What did you not like about it?
  3. In what ways did the blog contribute to the class, if any?
  4. Would you come back to visit this blog later even though you will not be a student in the class?
Any other comments are appreciated as well. If there is interest, I can continue to post stories even though the class has ended. I have enjoyed our interaction on the blog, and I hope it has contributed to your understanding of the economics of religion.


  1. 1. I enjoyed the blog on the minaret ban in Switzerland, even though a short article, the idea was simple and significant. More than that, it appealed to the modern audience and I could understand it better instead of a story dating hundreds of years ago.
    2. It did provide me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, but for the time and effort put into it, the rewards were minute. I know extra credit points weren't supposed to be hand outs, but when you said 5 points per quarter max, then I thought I would at least get 3 maybe 4, because I do not think my comments were useless and a waste of a comment, but instead I researched more, and commented on things that weren't said before and at many times was the first one or two people to comment. I was hoping the blog would be that extra effort that would allow for me to gain more from the class, and another means to get me those few extra points if I was on the borderline from an A or so
    3. It brought outside material to the class and did in fact allow for me to use the material from the blog to understand lectures better, but for the sake of the class as a whole and the grade, I think knowing what I know now about the blog points, I shouldn't have spent as many nights commenting and reading past years blogs. For the questions on exams did not reflect the amount of time I spent on the blogs, which is why I think the blog posters should get extra credit, depending on their grade and circumstances.
    4. Yes, I would, if I could comment then I would too

  2. Thanks for the feedback Alex. Glad to hear the blog was useful in some ways.


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