Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to the Religious Marketplace!

Welcome to "The Religious Marketplace," a blog created for free and open exchange on how economic thinking can improve our understanding of religious behavior. Though this blog was created originally for students of Professor McBride's "An Economic Approach to Religion" (ECON 17) course at UC Irvine, any visitors are welcome to participate.

The intention is that this blog will be a place for students and others to explore an economic way of thinking about current topics and events in the realm of religion. Personal opinions, as distinguished from economic analysis, are also allowed in the flow of discussion, though the primary focus should remain the economics of the issues.

We will adhere to a strict policy on comments: inappropriate comments will be removed by the administrator. Inappropriate comments include but are not limited to comments that include profanity, personal insults, derision of others' religiosity or lack of religiosity, and criticisms of particular religious groups.

Blog participants can also contribute by writing posts. Posts that meet a minimum standard of economic content will be published on the blog and will be eligible for extra credit in Prof. McBride's course. Please submit posts to the administrator at

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Comments of economic content are welcome. Comments that deride or criticize others will be removed.